We want you for Peatix Engineering!


Peatix Engineering is a small team supporting a big service.
Engineers touch every facet of the product: from frontend/backend, iOS and Android development to release management and DevOps for our cloud-based fleet.
We want you for the skills you bring to the table as much as for the skills you want to hone.
If you relish the ever-changing landscape of product development and take pride in, and responsibility for, your work then drop us a line: we want to meet you. And yes, engineers do have occasional travel opportunities to Tokyo, NY or Singapore!


Software Engineer

What you'll do

  • Share responsibility for the team, the codebase, and your work environment
  • Code!
  • Nitpick, refactor and improve the codebase
  • Provide emergency support (service outages, etc.)

General expectations

  • You've worked on a team where you code and refactor daily, and release to production often
  • Code is your craft
  • You're well-versed in modern web application development
  • You understand that untested code is a ticking timebomb
  • You're willing to work alongside vim, emacs, and IDE users
  • You interested in trying your hand at Objective-C, Swift or Android SDK coding
  • You aren't expecting to be micromanaged

If you're applying for a specific position, be sure to include details such as links to:

  • Your blog or other online presence
  • Your GitHub / Bitbucket / etc. repositories
  • Relevant patches and bug reports to open-source projects
  • Sample code
  • ...anything else you feel is relevant

A public LinkedIn profile or resumé/CV is not strictly required (but won't hurt!)