Second edition: Published on 04/13/2023

This is Peatix

At Peatix, we believe in empowering changemakers like yourself to take the leap forward in enriching lives. For ten years, our team has built tools to support you in creating communities, bridging divides and uniting people. We stay committed to helping you discover and connect through shared passions.

Community Guidelines

Peatix is designed to be a space of shared experiences. In working towards maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all our users, we ask for everyone to engage in a manner that collectively cultivates a friendly, positive experience for all involved. Peatix will not condone any behaviour or conduct that seeks to incite hate, harm, discrimination and/or harrassment of marginalized or minority groups which may be defined by race, ethnicity, color, caste, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. Peatix also will not tolerate any inflammatory rhetoric or incendiary activities that may result in social divide or prove to be detrimental to community relations. In addition to our Terms of Service, the following community guidelines are set to enable everyone to make the best out of Peatix, by fostering an inclusive environment, for all folks to connect meaningfully through all things similar and different.

1. Inclusivity

Discriminatory, disparaging or hateful practices towards any groups which may be defined by race, ethnicity, color, caste, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability, will not be tolerated. We encourage our users, organizers and attendees alike, to be kind, courteous and accommodating towards one another.

2. Empathy and Respect

Peatix holds immense pride in bringing people together. This includes connecting individuals of various backgrounds, cultures, experiences and thoughts. After all, the fun part of learning is about gathering new information and exchanging ideas. This is why we encourage everyone to embrace the community spirit, be aware and conscientious towards each other’s circumstances, respectful of our differences and empathetic towards alternative perspectives in all interactions.

3. Safe Space

As event organizers and participants, you are both moderator and facilitator of activities and interactions taking place within the group. Consider how you are able to better ensure your community a safe space of exchange and healthy expression, by actively seeking consent and clarifying intent, especially when in doubt.

4. Privacy

In the course of facilitating and/or attending a community or event, organizers and participants may come across private and sensitive information from other parties. We urge all parties to safeguard this information with great care and respect. Always seek prior consent, especially if you intend to share the obtained information or data with other parties not privy to the group’s prior knowledge. This includes photography and video recordings captured during the event for publicity or sharing on social media.

5. Clarity and Transparency

When providing event and community information, organizers should make an effort to describe its aim and content in a clear and concise manner that participants can easily understand, without being misled. Participants should also resolve to provide information about themselves in a truthful manner, when submitting information to the organizer. Remember, authentic exchanges form stronger connections, so by being clear and honest with what you are offering, you are off to a good start!

Violation of guidelines

Peatix believes in empowering users with the freedom and tools to create and participate in enriching experiences. This can only be made possible when we come together, as a collective effort to maintain a friendly and positive space for everyone. These guidelines have been designed to foster a safe and conducive environment for all users. Aligned with this notion and our Terms of Service, Peatix reserves the right to issue a warning, ban or suspension upon any accounts found to be in violation of the guidelines or our Terms of Service, and may proceed to report the incident to local law enforcement agencies at our discretion, should we believe there is an immediate threat to public safety or risk of physical harm.

If you have observed a breach and would like to report a violation of our Terms of Services or these guidelines, please reach out to us at:

For the full list of legal obligations and conditions revolving around the use of Peatix, please refer to our Terms of Service here:

Peatix’s commitment to social responsibility:

In a world of collective effort where every extra pair of hands goes a long way, we pledge our support towards the following key areas of focus to further aid organizers and their initiatives:

a) Advocating Learning and Exchange - Peatix values the power and significance of diversity and inclusion. Through our platform features, we advocate for the visibility and sharing of knowledge as well as encourage communities and events that empower learning and healthy exchange. As our platform grows with the times, we strive to support initiatives that bridge divides through respectful and empathetic connections.

b) Co-creating a sustainable future - Peatix joins hands with local and global communities to create initiatives to develop a sustainable future, improve human life, and protect the environment. We will actively build awareness on issues relating to climate change, poverty reduction and other global actions such as those outlined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs - read more about SDGs here:, that lead to a better and more viable future for everyone.

c) Bolstering Innovative Advancements - Peatix believes in a world of continuous growth and transformation where new breakthroughs are created for the greater good. In this respect, we aim to provide you an additional push in helping you rise to the occasion.

d) Delivering creative experiences - Peatix upholds the rights and integrity of new and growing communities to continuously have space on our platform. Our efforts and guidelines aim to actively support practices, initiatives and community organizers who work towards introducing creative experiences and events.

e) Spotlighting cultures at-risk: - Peatix recognizes cultures that exist within each locale that are on the verge of extinction due to rapid globalisation. Therefore, Peatix supports community efforts that seek to propagate and protect these cultures and practices as they continue to evolve with the changing climate of the region. In this respect, Peatix does not condone archaic practices that prove to be prejudicial, malignant and detrimental towards establishing human connection.

Peatix was born out of a mission to connect people with communities and in the spirit of bolstering connection, exchange and growth, we believe that it is vital for the platform to continuously provide and upkeep a secured environment for all users. These guidelines however, are expected to evolve and as valued members of our community, if you have any questions and/or suggestions on how the guidelines can be improved, we like to hear from you at