Manager of Front End Engineering [Remote]

Peatix is looking for an Engineering Manager to help lead our Front End engineering team. In collaboration with the strategy and product engineering teams, and taking input from across Peatix, you’ll be responsible for the team developing and maintaining the Front End apps used by Peatix organizers and attendees.

We know that diversity brings value to our teams and our products, so it’s important to us that we create and maintain an environment where every individual feels safe to bring their unique perspective to the problems we’re solving. We want that to be important to you too.

Job descriptions can never fully capture what we need, and you might be a great fit even if you don’t meet all the qualifications. If you’d like to work with community minded humans and take pride in, and responsibility for, your work then drop us a line: we want to meet you.


  • Peatix Product Engineering is a distributed team supporting a popular and complex service.
  • Historically, as a small team, engineers at Peatix touched every facet of the product and the development processes. We’re growing, and moving out of this phase, so positions can be more specialized.
  • We want you for the skills you want to hone as much as for the skills you bring to the table.
  • You expect to be guided and supported rather than micromanaged.


  • Manage a remote and diverse team and help create a safe environment where they are empowered to display a strong sense of ownership, and support for each other.
  • Conduct regular 1:1s with members of the team and provide feedback to help them with their career growth and development.
  • Be responsible for planning, execution, and success of important technical projects, as well as ensuring there’s a shared understanding across the team.
  • Hire engineers that can support Peatix’s continued growth and support them so that they are comfortable contributing to Peatix.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the Peatix code base.
  • Provide emergency support (service outages, etc.) by participating in our on-call rotation.
  • Contribute technical knowledge to conversations about Peatix's direction.
  • Mentor team members and review their code.
  • Plan and execute improvements to the scalability and performance of the Peatix Front End Engineering.

Requirements (Must-Haves):

  • You'll be working with a distributed team, so there is an emphasis on being a strong verbal and written communicator.
  • You have the ability to empathize and work with a diverse range of colleagues.
  • You understand the value of documenting and gradually enforcing best practices.
  • You have experience developing team strategy and roadmaps.
  • You're well-versed in front end application development
  • You have familiarity with distributed systems in a production environment.

Requirements (Nice-to-Haves):

Nice to haves are are really just nice to haves, and applicants should apply even if they don’t have them

  • You’ve helped teams and organizations scale successfully, both culturally and technically.

Peatix Principles:

  • Prioritize the Common Good - Be a Positive Force - Look In The Mirror - Customer Obsession - Ownership and Teamwork - Pursuit of Optimal Solutions - Bias for Action


  • You can work remotely from almost anywhere, though we’ll look favorably on candidates that are located where Peatix already has team members.
  • Peatix has offices in Tokyo, Singapore, New York and Kuala Lumpur. If you’re located in those cities, you’re welcome to work in the office.
  • You'll be working with team members in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and North America.
  • Who is Peatix

    Peatix is a global event registration platform that provides event organizers with powerful tools to create, promote, manage and sell out events of all sizes. Launched in 2011 in Japan, Peatix is now headquartered in New York and has expanded into Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Peatix's goals

    At Peatix, we believe we can make a great positive impact by making it easier for people to meet with each other and strengthen their communities. By helping organizers create more and more diverse events for more and more diverse groups of people, we hope to connect people around the world and let people understand each other.

  • Why you should work for Peatix

    Peatix is a customer centric company where we value collaboration, communication, empathy, quality, and shipping. We believe that you'll do better work by being healthier and happier, so we want you to have a life outside of working at Peatix. We encourage you to attend Peatix events as well.

    Peatix is made up of people of a number of different nationalities and backgrounds. We will continue to be a company that embraces diversity and look forward to applications from people from various backgrounds and lifestyles. Peatix will not discriminate against Peatix employees or applicants based on their age, citizenship, gender identity or expression, national origin, pregnancy status, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other differences.


If you're applying for a specific position, be sure to include details such as links to:

  • Your blog or other online presence
  • Your GitHub / Bitbucket / etc. repositories
  • Relevant patches and bug reports to open-source projects
  • Sample code
  • ...anything else you feel is relevant