Peatix Inc. respects the importance of Personal Information. In order to ensure the thorough protection of Personal Information, Peatix Inc.("Peatix") will abide by laws pertaining to the protection of Personal Information and has established the Privacy Policy that follows.

1. Management of Personal Information

This Privacy Policy will be enforced when using Peatix. Personal Information will be properly managed according to the Privacy Policy, under the responsibility of the manager of the service. Peatix will take steps to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, unauthorized editing or leaking of Personal Information and in the event of any of the above occurring will take proper corrective measures.

2. Retention of Personal Information and other Data

The gathering of Personal Information will be done reasonably and only for the extent required, users can decide the extent of Personal Information that they choose to provide.

If the user does not choose to provide their Personal Information or does not accept the use of Personal Information for new Peatix services or features, there is a possibility that the user will not be able to use services or features that require Personal Information.
Peatix will gather Personal Information for the following purposes.

  1. Personal Information gathered when using a service provided by Peatix.
    Peatix will ask for the User's name, email address and other Personal Information as required. Because Peatix utilizes third party services to process the purchase and use of paid services or to send payouts for contents sold, Personal Information will need to be registered according to the policies of each respective payment or payout service. Also when using accounts provided by third party services to login to Peatix, the Privacy Policy of the respective Third Parties will be active.
  2. Personal Information gathered when contacting Peatix.
    When contacting Peatix, Peatix will ask for Personal Information to contact the user including name and email address.
  3. Personal Information gathered if Peatix were to have a contest
    When registering for a contest held by Peatix, Peatix will ask for Personal Information to contact the user including name and email address.
  4. Personal Information gathered when registering fors a newsletter provided by Peatix.
    When registering for a newsletter provided by Peatix, Peatix will ask for Personal Information to contact the user including email address.

3. Usage of Personal Information

As a general rule, Peatix or the event's organizer will use users' Personal Information for the following six purposes.

  1. To provide Peatix's and the event organizer's service in a safe and steady way.
  2. For internal reference materials that will be utilized in enhancing the quality of services provided by Peatix and event organizer.
  3. To enhance services provided to users.
  4. In order to inform users of special services or new reference materials.
  5. In order to contact users as required.
  6. In order to conduct surveys on usages patterns or usage environments.

When using Personal Information for purposes other than listed below, the reasons for the use of Personal Information will be stated on this page or elsewhere within Peatix.

4. Sharing and publishing of Personal Information

Peatix may entrust the handling of Personal Information to contracted entities as necessary. If Peatix were to do so, Peatix will utilize methods such as legal contracts to ensure that the third party manages Personal Information properly.
Peatix may publish Personal Information in the following circumstances.

  1. The user has agreed to the sharing or publishing of his/her Personal Information
  2. If the sharing or publishing of Personal Information is required to provide information or services that the user is requesting
  3. If the event organizer requires names, email addresses and other personal information for its marketing activities
  4. If a formal request is made from public institutions such as a court, police etc.
  5. If the actions of the user are in violation of the Terms of Services or guidelines of Peatix and it is necessary to use Personal Information to protect the rights, assets, services or etc. of Peatix
  6. If it is necessary to publish Personal Information to protect important assets such as users' or the public's life, health, assets etc.
  7. If referrals to financial institutions are required in order to process transactions, make payouts or etc.
  8. If publishing or providing Personal Information is required under law
  9. When selling subsidiaries or divisions for corporate management services (In these circumstances Personal Information will be deemed business assets and will be transferred in line with agreements made in this Privacy Policy)

5. Cookies

Cookies make it unnecessary to reenter Personal Information by saving the information within the web browser and enables content to be provided in an efficient manner to users. Peatix uses cookies to enable the efficient display of Internet advertisements, to count the number of users viewing Internet advertisements, and to display content without requiring the constant re-entering of Personal Information by users. Users can choose to disable the use of cookies but a significant portion of the services and features provided by Peatix may become inaccessible.

6. Direct Mails

For those users who have agreed to the Terms of Services Peatix will send information that Peatix believes is of value to the users' registered email address. It is also possible to opt out of Direct Mails.

7. Changes or retracting Personal Information

If a user makes a request to confirm or fix any Personal Information, Peatix will act promptly and appropriately.

8. Security

In order to ensure privacy and security a Member's Personal Information is protected with a password. When the Member's information is transmitted, Peatix uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and encrypts information that has been inputted in order to prevent its loss. However, generally speaking data transmissions over the Internet can not be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Peatix does take measures to protect the user's Personal Information, but can not guarantee that all information provided by Peatix is absolutely secure.

9. Liability

Peatix bears no liability if a third party gains access to Personal Information in the following circumstances.

  1. If the Peatix user has used features or services provided by Peatix to reveal or share Personal Information with a third party.
  2. If the identity of a Peatix user has been ascertained based on information that the user has inputted into Peatix.
  3. When content containing Personal Information has been uploaded to the site.
  4. If the event organizer violates any regulations in the handling of personal information

10. Updates to the Privacy Policy

Peatix may update the Privacy Policy at any time. If there are any important updates we will post notifications on the Peatix website.

11. Other topics

Everything stated in this Privacy Policy is valid for interactions between Peatix and users of Peatix and is invalid for third party pages and content linked from within Peatix. If there are any questions or comments regarding the contents of this Privacy Policy please contact Peatix.

Updated April 17, 2012 Peatix Inc.