Services offered by Peatix (the "Site") are administered using a platform provided by Peatix Inc.("Peatix"). The Site's services are provided under the following Terms of Use Agreement ( "Agreement" ).

1. Application of this Agreement

This Agreement is a legal agreement between Peatix and Members that applies to all services of the Site. By using the services of the Site, Members indicate that they have agreed to all sections of this Agreement as well as the Privacy Policy.

2. Terminology
  1. "Member" or "Members" indicates an individual or group that has consented to this Agreement and registered as a Member of the Site.
  2. "Site Account" refers to the system that manages Transactions within the Site.
  3. "Event" or "Events" refer to an event created by using the Site.
  4. "Ticket" or "Tickets" refer to the QR Code that enables entry and attendance to Events created by using the Site.
  5. "Transaction" or "Transaction" refer to the action of purchasing Tickets by Members of the Site.

3. Membership and Member Registration

Individuals who have given their consent to this Agreement and have completed the prescribed membership application will be granted Membership after completion of the prescribed registration procedures. Member Registration should be carried out by the person applying to be a member him or herself. Registration by a representative will not be recognized. Additionally, persons younger than 13 years of age cannot register to be Members of the Site. Furthermore, those who have previously had their Membership revoked or have been judged unfit for Membership by Peatix may be refused.

4. Entering Member Information

When registering as a Member, please accurately enter all necessary information in the prescribed entry form.

5. Managing Username and Password

Members should take responsibility for the management of their Username and Password, such as by changing them periodically to prevent them being found out by others. When the entered Username and Password are confirmed by the prescribed method to be the same as those registered, this will be viewed as the Member having logged in, and even if it is actually usage by someone other than the Member due to theft or unauthorized use, Peatix will not be held responsible for any resultant damages.

6. Changing Registered Information

When any of your registered information changes, please update it as soon as possible. Peatix will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from out of date information. Also, even when your information has been updated, Transactions processed before the update will be carried out based on the old information. If it becomes necessary to inform Service providers of changes in registered information and their bearing on a Transaction, Members should contact the Service providers directly.

7. Canceling Membership

When a Member wishes to cancel their Membership, they should promptly apply for cancellation. Once the prescribed Membership cancellation procedures have been completed, Membership will be considered cancelled.

8. Peatix's Liability Limitations
  1. Peatix bears no responsibility for system down time, slowing or data losses due to damages to telecommunication lines or computers, damages resulting from unauthorized access to data, or any other damages suffered by Members related to use of this Service.
  2. Peatix does not guarantee that e-mail contents sent from Peatix's web page, server or domain are free of harmful viruses.
  3. Peatix will from time to time provide information or advice to Members, but Peatix takes no responsibility for said information or advice.
  4. Peatix will bear no responsibility for any damages resulting from a Member violating this Agreement.
  5. Peatix will bear no responsibility for the contents of Events shared by this Site.

9. Prohibitions

Members must not engage in the following acts in connection with the usage of this Site:

  1. Violating the law, this Agreement, warnings from Peatix or this Site, or any other agreement.
  2. Violating the rights of or degrading Members or other third parties.
  3. Actions that may negatively affect the physical and mental well being of minors, and other actions that threaten public order and standards of decency.
  4. Distributing or submitting harmful computer programs or e-mails.
  5. Lending or giving a username and password to a third party, or sharing a username and password with a third party.
  6. Unauthorized reproduction, transmission or distribution of all or part of provided information to third parties.
  7. Using the Site for activities related to elections for public office at any time.

10. Handling of Member Information

Member information will be managed by Peatix in accordance with Peatix's Privacy Policy. Peatix will consider Member information as something that can be used by Peatix for the purposes of providing Service to Members, improving the quality of the Service, promoting the Service (including direct e-mails), and to ensure the well-rounded and smooth operation of the Service. This applies to all Member information provided at the time of Member Registration.

11. Suspension of Use or Revocation of Membership for Specific Members

If any of the following are judged applicable to a specific Member, Peatix may without warning suspend service, change the Member's username and password, or revoke the Membership of the applicable Member. Peatix will not bear any responsibility for any resultant damages.

  1. Actions that violate the law or this Agreement
  2. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of the service by a Member
  3. Issues with security and protection such as multiple incorrect password entries
  4. Using another Member's username and password
  5. Publishing or broadcasting another Member's content without prior permission
  6. When otherwise deemed appropriate by Peatix.

12. Suspension, Alteration or Abolishment of the Service

Peatix may suspend, alter or abolish part of or the entirety of the Service at their discretion.

13. Handling of Information

Peatix will handle Information pertaining to clients along the guidelines provided in a separate Privacy Policy, and Members that use the Site will have agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

14. Advertising Placement

Peatix may display advertisements on this Site that it determines to be appropriate. Peatix will bear no responsibility for any damages to Members or third parties resulting from advertisements displayed on the Site.

15. Revisions to this Agreement

Peatix may revise this Agreement as it sees fit, and determine additional agreements to supplement this Agreement. Revisions or supplements to this Agreement will be considered active when their content is posted to the prescribed web site by Peatix. In such cases Members must adhere to the revised or supplemented agreement.

16. Governing Laws, Jurisdiction

The laws of the State of California govern this Agreement, and any controversy or claim resulting out of or relating to this Agreement shall be settled in the federal or state courts of California, USA.

Individual Terms of Service for Ticket Purchasers

1. Purchasing Tickets

By using this Service, Event Organizers create Events and Tickets related to such Events, and delegate the sales of the Tickets to Peatix. The number and price of Tickets on sale are determined by the Event Organizer.

2. Exchanging, Altering or Cancelling Tickets

Tickets that have been purchased can not be exchanged, altered or cancelled for any reason. However, in the following circumstances the ticket will be cancelled and the price of the ticket will be refunded.

  1. If it has been determined that the event was not held.
  2. If it has been determined the contents of the event advertised on the Service and the actual Event grossly differed.

3. Ticket Transaction

The transaction is considered complete when a ticket order confirmation email including a QR Code is sent by Peatix. The Service uses the payment platform provided by PayPal Inc. for credit card transactions, and that of Digital Garage, Inc.'s for convenience store, Pay-easy and Edy transactions.

4. Ticket Scanning

Tickets will be recognized and processed at the Event venue by the Event Organizer by processing or confirming the QR Code attached to either the ticket purchased or the account of the Ticket purchaser.

5. Ticket Reissuance

If for whatever reason the QR Code attached to the Ticket is lost, it can be reissued from the Site.

6. Liabilities and Refunding upon Event Cancellation

Peatix bears no responsibility including notification if an Event is cancelled due to circumstances related to the Event Organizer. However, the purchase amount of Tickets will be refunded in accordance to the steps listed in term 6 of this agreement. When refunding due to Event cancellation or because the Event was not held, refunds will be conducted through each respective credit card company if the ticket was purchased by credit card, or through bank transfer if purchased at a convenience store.

7. Prohibition on Reselling Tickets

Tickets that have been purchased can not be resold or provided to a third party for reselling purposes. If it is determined that a ticket has been resold, the ticket may be nullified without any refunding with entry into an Event denied. Peatix also may cancel an account if it determines to do so. Peatix will not bear any responsibility for tickets purchased anywhere besides the service including and not limited to other sites or services, ticketing shops or scalpers.

8. Loss of Tickets

If a ticket or QR Code is lost, it can be reissued/resent from the Site. However, Tickets that have been scanned and processed at an Event will not be reissued under any circumstance.

Individual Terms of Service for Event Organizers

1. Personal Information

All Event Organizers must act responsibly in the handling of personal information obtained through Peatix and its services, and must not act in violation of the act concerning Protection of Personal Information (Japan Law No. 57, 2003). Peatix will not be responsible for any agreements made directly between users outside of the site. Users may not enter into any agreements that violate these Terms of Service.

2. Creation and Publishing of Events

Events published on this Service are created by Event Organizers using the service. Peatix hold no responsibility or liability for the contents of the Events. This Service is a platform for selling Tickets for participating in Events. Responsibilities for paying the consumption tax on ticket sales is held by the Event Organizers.

3. Prohibition of Certain Events

Peatix reserves the right to prohibit a Member from using the service, changing a Member's username and/or password or deleting a Member's account or canceling an Event without prior notice if a created Event or action by a Member is considered to qualify for any of the following. Peatix bears no liability or bears no responsibility for any losses incurred by the Member as a result of these actions.

  1. Actions that violate the law or this Agreement
  2. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of the service by a Member
  3. Events for the purpose of recruiting membership for a particular ideology or religion
  4. Events that violate public order and morality, such as for the purposes of conducting sexual and obscene acts or seeking encounters with strangers of the opposite sex
  5. Other instances otherwise deemed inappropriate by Peatix.

4. Review of Events

Peatix will review the content of all Events with paid tickets that are created by new Members to the Service, according to the guidelines set forth in this Agreement. Events that are deemed to be in violation of the Agreement will be deleted from the Site and Service. Events that are deemed to be following the Agreement will be published for public view after notification is sent to the Member. Furthermore, such Events created subsequent to the first Event created by the same Member will not be subject to review.

5. Cancelling Events

If the cancellation date is less than fifty (50) days from the day the event was created, PeaTiX will notify attendees and refund ticket sales free of charge. If the cancellation date is more than fifty (50) days from the day the event was created, PeaTiX will charge you a cancellation fee of 500 JPY per ticket sold, and refund ticket sales to attendees. In both cases, the Event Organizer must follow the cancellation procedures provided on the Site.

6. Equipment and Internet Connection

In order to check in attendees to an Event at the venue, the Event Organizer must either use a PC, iPhone or android with the PeaTiX iPhone/android app connected to the internet. The Event Organizer bears all responsibility for providing a supported device and being in an environment where the device can connect to the Internet.

7. Payouts

After Peatix has confirmed that the Event has been held the Total after subtracting Service usage fees from the Ticket Sales will be transferred into a bank account specified by the Event Organizer via the online banking platform provided by Rakuten Bank Inc. Fees incurred in the payout process will be the responsibility of the Event Organizer. If bank account information for payouts are not registered, payouts will not occur until the required information is registered.

Updated April 17, 2012
Peatix Inc.